There are several factors to consider when choosing the height for deer fencing. Generally speaking, we have found that an effective deer fence starts at 6’ tall but some need to be as high as 8’. One should first consider the type of deer that are problematic (blacktail, mule, or whitetail). For example, on the west coast, blacktail deer are abundant but they are also the smallest of the species. If deer do not have a geographic advantage (jumping from the uphill side), a 6’ fence can be effective. On the other hand, if dealing with the larger species, if the deer have an advantage in jumping the fence, or if the deer are particularly motivated a 7’ or 8’ fence may be necessary. Additional height can be achieved by either installing taller fence wire or by running horizontal high tensile wires above your fence wire. Another point to consider when installing deer fencing is that deer are equally adept at sneaking under a fence as they are in jumping over the fence.