High-Value and Robust Gates, Fencing, Shelters, and Stable Equipment

Launched on a Sonoma County ranch, Martin began selling pipe gates and fence panels in 1974.  Over the years, Martin leveraged it’s close ties with the equine and ranching communities to expand its offerings and develop a reputation for quality.  Today, Martin remains a Sonoma County owned and operated business providing high-value and robust gates, fencing, shelters, stall fronts and tackroom gear.

But enough of our history.  Why should you select Martin products?

To begin with, much of our time is spent consulting with customers and designing solutions to meet their needs.  By understanding that everyone has unique challenges we also recognize the best solution for a customer often is not an off-the-shelf product.  While we do have standard products, as shown on this website, we often customize these products to meet our customers’ specific requirements.  If you don’t see what you want on this site, let us know.  There’s a good chance we can provide what you want and, if we can’t, we likely can point you in the right direction.

Perhaps equally important, Martin products are built to last.  Let’s look at some points regarding our pipe-construction gates and fence panels.

  • We start with steel made in the USA.  Besides the obvious benefit of supporting American industry, this also ensures a consistent quality of the steel and galvanization.  Our standard gates and fence panels are made from 1-5/8” tubing.  1-7/8” tubing is used for framing our shelters and for gates and fence panels that require additional durability.  We typically use 16 gauge tubing but offer thicker tubing, normally having CQ30 and DQ40 tubing available on-site.  This means our gates, fence panels and shelters generally are over-designed in terms of strength.
  • When welding any of our galvanized products, we go through a labor intensive process to re-introduce the galvanization after welding. We are not aware of another manufacturer that goes to the effort we do in this regard.  We clean every weld by hand. Then we wire brush every weld to remove any slag.  Next, we brush a zinc-rich compound on the weld.  Again, by hand.  We then top it off with a coat of cold galvanization and finally apply a coat of bright rust-resistant paint.  The end result of this four step process is a product worthy of the Martin name and one that is protected from the elements for many years to come.
  • For products that incorporate mesh panel, such as deer gates, there is significant variability among the different wire mesh panels available on the market. Nearly all mesh panels are made of welded galvanized rod.  The rod can range from approximately 4 gauge to approximately 6 gauge (roughly 1/4”).  Most mesh panels incorporate pre-galvanized rod, which means the individual rods are galvanized but where the rods are welded the galvanization has been compromised and is prone to rust prematurely.  In contrast, the wire mesh we use has been hot dipped in galvanization vats after the weld.  This added process ensures the longest lasting material and is a significant improvement in the quality of the mesh panel.

For more information on our products, we invite you to review our FAQ page or just cruise the Product pages.